A Literature Review on the Changes Made in the Supply Chain due to Covid-19


  • Redah Wazir   DY Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune, 411044
  • Kavita Valia   DY Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune, 411044


Review, supply chain, changes in supply chain, Covid 19


La Londe and Masters proposed that a supply chain is a set of firms that pass materials forward. (Mentzer, John T., et al. "Defining supply chain management." Journal of Business logistics 22.2 (2001): 1-25.). There was a profound change in the supply chain during the pandemic. The sudden demand of the goods during the pandemic completely changed the supply chain. There was a realization that the old methods like Just-In-Time, Lean Management, etc. were not working at all. There was a panic buying of goods going on in the globe and the organizations were unable to meet them. Due to the disruptions, many organizations were unable to survive in the sector and were forced to close. It was realized that there should be changes made in the sector of the supply chain.

This review of the literature is the outcome of various research papers which find out what changes were made in the supply chain during and after the pandemic. There were times when the review’s dependability was a problem. The reviews revealed the need for resilience in the organizations and how supply chain needs to be digitalized and start using agile contracts. The review concludes by realizing the need for making changes in the supply chain for sustainability of it in the future.


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