Ethics Policy

Ethics’ Policy
Journal of Applied Management-Jidnyasa

Journal of Applied Management-Jidnyasa (0976-0326) is SIMS’ bi-annual journal.

The journal publishes research papers, research articles and case studies from the domain of management theory and practice. The journal prefers papers written by practitioners / academicians from other universities, management institutes and corporate houses.

The papers submitted for publication will undergo a plagiarism check. The publisher uses software for this purpose. A paper having a Similarity Index of more than 10% is not considered for publication in Journal of Applied Management-Jidnyasa.

A copyright form is to be filled and submitted to the publisher once the paper is accepted for publication. In case of non-submission of filled copyright form, the paper will not be published.

If, at any stage of publication, it comes to our notice that the paper/ a major part of the paper is published elsewhere the paper publication will be cancelled by the Journal of Applied Management-Jidnyasa.

The information about selection/ rejection of a paper by the journal will be sent to all authors of that paper within a period of 3 months of submission. The acceptance letter with Volume and Issue of publication will be sent to all authors of that paper.

On publication, a soft copy of the journal will be sent to all authors.

The journal abides by COPE Guidelines of publishing ethics.